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Tablet for distance learning

Your Price: $165.00
Part Number: DistanceLearningTablet

We are offering already-filtered tablets. We are making these available for a purchase price of $165 each. Tablets will need to be picked up an the Boys Campus: 13300 Memorial Hwy. Please be in contact beforehand to arrange a pickup time.

The software on these devices will be selected by the school and tested for safety by a third party that specializes in setting up filtered devices for Frum families. Parents will be responsible to login to the devices with their students’ Yeshiva Elementary Google account. We will send an email with detailed directions for setting up each type of device.

Due to the increase in Distance Learning opportunities, we recommend that each child have access to a dedicated device.  These tablets will require internet access so you may need to find a local internet provider.

Under normal circumstances, Yeshiva Elementary School strongly discourages internet use for children but, with proper filters, this has been deemed the best way to facilitate learning in the current situation.  Should you already own devices that your children can use, it is critical that they have filters so that our children can stay safe. For information on TAG filtering CLICK HERE